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Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Download certificate IATF


Certification granted by Coventya, supplier of chemical specialties for the surface treatment industry

Our goal is to satisfy the expectations and needs of our customers. In this way, we want to involve all our staff as an important part of our quality system, in addition to a total commitment to the continuous technological modernization.

Our commitment to QUALITY:

Comply with legislation and regulations..
Have economic, safe and suitable material and human resources for the service..
Work with the equipments and facilities in order to ensure the safety of our staff.
Prevent identify, analyze and eliminate errors by internal no-compliances and customer complaints..
Keep always the commitment to continuous improvement.
Comply with deadlines..
Consolidate the company and their jobs.
Maintain and increase the training of all our staff.
Promote the personal and professional development of all our team.

In INGALCINC S.A. we are convinced that our business must be sustainable and in accordance with the requirements of preserving the Environment.

Therefore, from almost the beginning of our activity, one of our biggest efforts was purchased in those days the best sewage plant in Spain, in order to be the most possible respectful with our Environment, being aware that we must to contribute to the global welfare of our community.

We are continually studying ways to reduce our energy consumption and waste, which is why INGALCINC is committed to acting with integrity and following a high standard of ethical behavior. Legal compliance is a business imperative, and INGALCINC partners are committed to acting ethically and with integrity.

· PSA B154101
· PSA B154102
· 0171002
· 47000
· GS900100
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
· DBL 8451
· GMW 3044
· GMW 4700
General motors
General motors
· GME 00 252
· VW 13750
· VW TL244
· VW TL217
· W55M21P17B3
· WX 100
· DIN 50962
· DIN 50961
· EN ISO 4042

Telephone Telephone
93 422 25 53
Sabadell Calle Granada 7 - 9 , P.I. Nord-Est
08740 Sant Andreu de la Barca, Barcelona, Spain
Ingalcinc | Galvanized coatings

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